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Appointments and Background:

Research Interests

My current research interests cut across human-computer interaction, data science, and public policy. Recently, we’ve coined the term Human-Centered Data Science to talk about this intersectional research area that combines technical methodologies with interpretive inquiry in order to address biases and structural inequalities.

I am very interested in understanding how algorithmic decision making processes are designed, implemented and evaluated in public services. In doing so, I often work with marginalized and vulnerable populations such as with the child welfare system, criminal justice system etc. My research is (and has been) supported by the following organizations:

Currently, I am interested in the following broad (and often intersecting) themes in my research:

  • understanding placement stability in child welfare systems: Child welfare systems are underfunded and overburdened in the US. Increasingly, algorithms are applied to make decisions about child risk, safety, placement and permanence. Do they work?
  • exploring algorithmic biases in crime mapping: Algorithms are quite pervasive in every facet of the criminal justice system from crime mapping to bail determinations to sentencing. How do biases emerge from the interactions between people and algorithms in the criminal justice system?
  • online harassment and content moderation in queer, developing populations: I am interested in how online harassment is defined and experienced and subsequent content moderation policies and practices designed for non-normative, vulnerable and marginalized populations both, in and out of the US.

I am always looking for motivated students at all levels (BS, MS, PhD) to work with me. If you are interested, please read this and get in touch. Here is my cv, github, google scholar and dblp profile. This is the Marquette Computational Social Science Lab website for more information on the lab and lab members.

If you want to get in touch please feel free to email me at shion [dot] guha [at] marquette [dot] edu.