About Me


– apr 10: honored to be a recipient of the 2019 Way Klingler Young Scholar Award.

–  jan 4: very proud to have Fayika Nova present her first, first author paper on online harassment in anonymous social media at ICTDX.

– dec 1: very excited to be one of 3 people in 2018 to receive the Facebook Computational Social Science Methodology award.

I am an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at Marquette University. I also hold an administrative position as the Director of Data Science and participate in the Cognitive Science program. Previously, I received a PhD from Cornell University under Steve Wicker and a MS from the Indian Statistical Institute under BS Daya Sagar.

My current research interests cut across human computer interaction, computational social scienceictd and privacy. I often work with various marginalized and developing populations. My research is (and has been) supported by the following:

Currently, I am interested in the following broad (and often intersecting) themes in my research:

  • the networked dynamics of privacy: There are many different aspects of  privacy in social networks e.g. surveillance, anonymity, deception, non-use, impression management etc. How can we examine and explain their dynamics?
  • human-centered algorithmic ethics: We all do data analysis in different ways everyday. Algorithms and data increasingly govern many facets of our daily lives. How do we (re) imagine humans in the algorithm-data loop? Is there a way in which we can do data analysis better and more transparent ?
  • privacy in non-WEIRD contexts: There have been many theories of privacy developed in WEIRD (Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic) contexts over the years. How do we think about theorizing and empirically probing theories of privacy and its variegated aspects in non-WEIRD contexts with respect to computing technologies?

I am always looking for motivated students at all levels (BS, MS, PhD) to work with me. If you are interested, please read this and get in touch. This is my cv, my github and google scholar profile.

If you want to get in touch please feel free to email me at shion [dot] guha [at] marquette [dot] edu.