COSC 1000: Introduction to Computer Science

This is the official webpage for COSC 1000: Introduction to Computer Science at Marquette University for Fall 2016.

Location: 412 Cudahy

Time: TueTh 11:00-12:15

Office hours: TueTh 12:30-2:30 (1 extra hour every week!)

You will find the syllabus here.


  • Mid Term Project Submission Instructions (pdf)
  • Easy Javascript tutorial (w3 schools)
  • Interactive Javascript tutorial (codeacademy)
  • Another interactive javascript tutorial (codeschool)
  • Yet another javascript tutorial (khan academy)
  • If you really want to consult a book (You don’t know JS) [still free! yay!]
  • Javascript online editor (please register):
  • my slides are minimalist; i mostly show and write code with you in class but i have posted them here if they will help in anyway.

Aug 30: intro to the course; intro to computer science (slides)

Sep 01: intro to javascript; assignments and operators (slides)

Sep 06: variables recap; intro to conditionals (slides)

Sep 08: conditionals recap; intro to loops (slides)

Sep 13: quiz 1! Recap on topics!

Sep 15: functions; (slides)

Sep 20: arrays, functions and loops: putting them together (slides)

Sep 27: quiz 2! Recap on topics!

Sep 29: multi-dimensional arrays and storing things (code)

Oct 4: callback functions and storing things (code)

Oct 6: human computer interaction (readings: 1, 2)

Oct 11: computing and design (readings: 1, 2)

Oct 13: in class lab

Oct 18: in class lab

Oct  20: fall break! no class!

Oct  25: watch phone phreaks documentary in class (for nov 15 class and writing prep)

Oct  20: privacy and security (readings: 1, 2); watch 2016 guardian documentary – power of privacy in class.

Nov  01: social networks and connections; watch social networks documentary

Nov  03: social networks and connections; (readings: 1, 2);

Nov  08: ethics and computing; (readings: 1, 2);

Nov  10: data science;  watch 2016 bbc documentary – joy of data in class.

Nov  15: work on make up reading response in class (I am away)

Nov  17: come prepared with election data; we will do a qualitative data analysis process on the 2016 presidential election data.

Nov 22: no class! Thanksgiving!; reading response due at 11:59 pm.

Nov 24: no class! Thanksgiving!

Nov 29: watch browser wars documentary in class. discussion.

Dec 01: platforms and markets (slides).

Dec 06: crowds, markets and crowdsourcing (readings: 1, 2, 3, 4).