COSC 1000: Introduction to Computer Science

This is the official webpage for COSC 1000: Introduction to Computer Science at Marquette University for Fallg 2017.

Location: 412 Cudahy Hall

Time: TueTh 2:00-3:15 pm

Office hours: TueTh 3:30-5:00 pm

You will find the syllabus here.


  • Mid term project submission instructions (pdf)
  • Easy Javascript tutorial (w3 schools)
  • Interactive Javascript tutorial (codeacademy)
  • Another interactive javascript tutorial (codeschool)
  • Yet another javascript tutorial (khan academy)
  • If you really want to consult a book (You don’t know JS) [still free! yay!]
  • Javascript online editor: [I use this for demonstration in class. You should figure out Javascript on your computer]
  • Javascript installation: (Youtube[plenty of exemplars online. just search]


aug 29: introduction to the course

aug 31: introduction to javascript; code

sep 05: variables and operations: code

sep 07: more operators; start if statement

sep 12: if-else-else-if with operators: code

sep 14: for loop: code

sep 19: while and do-while loops: code

sep 19: arrays: code