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algorithmic bias in child welfare systems

Allegheny County DHS using algorithm to assist in child welfare ...

Algorithms are used in almost every facet of the US Child Welfare system. However, there are great inequities and structural issues that arise for children that are exacerbated due to these algorithms.

Can we develop methodologies that are human-centered that focus on improving the lives of children instead of minimizing risk as is the main focus now?

Representative Papers: CHI 2020, GROUP 2020.

human-centered data science methodologies

Human-Centered Data Science Lab » Data Science EthnographyHuman ...

what does it mean to be developing human-centered data science methodologies? How can we best combine technical advances from AI/ML with interpretive and design methods? How do we evaluate said methodologies and do they actually make a bigger difference in improving the lives of people?

Representative Papers: GROUP 2016, JASIST 2017, CSCW 2020

technology policies for vulnerable and developing populations

PDF) Privacy, Security, and Surveillance in the Global South: A ...

I collaborate with Ishtiaque Ahmed (assistant professor, Toronto) and a wide group of other folks on broader issues encompassing privacy, security, access and surveillance in non-western, culturally situated and developing contexts.

For instance, recently, the Bangladesh government has instituted a mandatory biometric registration for anyone owning a mobile phone. This policy is a direct outcome of WEIRD governmental assumptions and policies yet is applied to a context which is very different. How do we think about their outcomes on computing and society?

Representative Papers: CHI 2017, ICTD 2019, ICTD 2020