Marquette University:

COSC/MATH 4931: Introduction to Data Science

Spring 2017

COSC 1000: Introduction to Computer Science

Fall 2016, Spring 2017

Cornell University:

Spring 2015, 2016:

INFO 6940: Honest Statistics (w/ Prof. Malte Jung)

Spring 2012, 2014:

INFO 3300: Data Driven Web Applications (w/ Prof. David Mimno and Dr. Lucja Kot)

Spring 2013:

INFO 3200: New Media and Society (w/ Prof. Tarleton Gillespie)

Fall 2011:

INFO 4302: Web Information Systems (w/ Carl Lagoze)

Summer 2011:

INFO 1305: Computation and Culture in the Digital Age (w/ Daisy Fan)