Work with me!

I am currently inviting Marquette students at all levels (BS,MS,PhD) to email me if you want to work with me. Specifically, if you not a student at Marquette and would like to work with me, then you will need to apply to our PhD program in computational sciences ; we can chat before you apply but you will need to follow the advice below for doctoral students.

Doctoral students: **dec 2018 update** I have funding available for one PhD student to join my lab. I envision PhD students as self-driven, junior collaborators with whom I would love to establish common areas of interest. My work stands in a relatively fast paced academic environment with frequent conference submissions and transparency of data, code and process as part of the academic ethics framework. I would like to foster a culture of positive collaboration, mutual trust, rapid iteration, openness (in collaborating with and drawing from multiple disciplines) and shared credit in terms of co-authorships and (potential) accolades.

You will need to apply to our PhD program in computational sciences – which is a very unique program combining the best of what mathematics, statistics and computer science has to offer. The Marquette MSCS department is a rather unique one. The next deadline is January 15, 2019.

I am also very happy to serve as a committee member for students in other departments at Marquette (if relevant to my interests) or in other schools if you need an external committee member.

If you specifically want to work with me, please send me an email outlining your potential interests. In particular, I would love to see how your interests can intersect with my own. I would encourage you to read my papers and outline what types of research directions you’d like to get in. I receive a lot of emails from potential students and I do my best to respond to all of them. However, your chances of response are higher if you can point to specific areas in which you’d like to work as opposed to general areas. For instance, general areas are: HCI, Computational Social Science, Social Computing etc. while more specific questions (that I am looking for) could be “I am interested in exploring how LGBTQ populations in developing countries experience online harassment. This intersects with your current work on understanding how people share public harassment experiences on social media in Bangladesh.

In addition, I would like to see some evidence of prior research-y work (doesn’t have to be in a similar space). You should have some experience in programming in R/Python/Javascript. I am very open to combining data science skills with methods drawn from ethnography, interviews, experiments and surveys! Specifically, if you can point me towards (1) a github repository, (2) your personal website outlining your projects or (3) evidence of completion of any data science MOOC or similar activity then that would be wonderful! If you come recommended to me by someone, please mention this explicitly in your initial email.

MS students: **dec 2018 update** I can work with you during the semester if you take research credits with me for your MS thesis/project. Unfortunately, all my current funds for the academic year are reserved for PhD students. Again, some evidence of prior work or interest would be great! If you are currently, a MS student at Marquette and would like to transition to a PhD next year, then we can definitely talk about funding as long as we can agree to the content above for doctoral students with regards to establishing common areas of intersection and collaboration.

Undergraduates:**dec 2018 update** I am looking for 1-2 bright undergraduate students to work with me over summer 2019 in a funded position. I can also work with you during the semester if you take research credits/independent study with me. This is a great way to be introduced into the world of research. You should apply to our NSF-funded REU program. If you an honors student, then you can apply to the Honors Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship program to acquire funding. Please come to talk to me during office hours or schedule a meeting via email.  I would like to know more about your future directions and interests!